Hello I'm Medicineman and my mission is to bring quality marijuana medicine to everyone who needs it! I know from personal experiencing that buying marijuana is not always the easiest thing to do so I am here to make it easy! My sidekick Medicineboy and I have been shipping out marijuana products since 2012 and our website has been running since 2013. You can find many positive reviews for our service online.

Thank you for all of the nice letters. I am very happy to be able to offer this amazing plant medicine to you all. Feel free to write to me with any questions or comments.

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Medicineman donates over 10% of all income from this site to charities and groups such as NORML, MAPS, ACLU and others!

There are many copycat sites out there, but only ONE Medicineman's Online Dispensary! Here are some web sites that we found that have blatantly ripped off entire parts of the text of our site. If they are dishonest enough to steal our text they might rip you off too:
And unfortunately many more...

There are plenty of scammers out there. We get letters all the time from people who have lost their money at the hands of these thieves. We've been in business for over 10 years now. You can see our original site from September 2013 here and we operated via PDF catalog before that. We've managed to stay in business this long because we care about our customers and have built a loyal customer base. They know that MEDICINEMAN ALWAYS HAS QUALITY PRODUCT AND ALWAYS DELIVERS! So don't be fooled by imitators. Give us a shot and let us prove that we're the best!

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is exploding in usage. We've all gotten used to digital currency with our credit-cards, debit cards, paypal, online banking etc. Bitcoin is fundamentally different in that it does not rely on any bank or other business to make transactions. It's like cash, but digital.

Here is a well written easy to understand explanation:

Here is a great introductory video on bitcoin.

A few things you need to know about Bitcoin:

It can be a bit confusing to learn about bitcoin at first. One thing to understand is wallet addresses. Each wallet is is a long string of numbers and letters (e.g. ydj75tYuE43REevjy9ocnmMjdmY64). When you create an order with us we give you a unique wallet address to send bitcoins to. In most cases you will sign up for a service that allows you to buy bitcoin and THEY will also give you a wallet. When you buy bitcoin from them they will put in your wallet that you have on their service. You will send the bitcoin to the wallet we gave you.

As of this writing bitcoins are $21,230 in US dollars. This price fluctuates constantly. You do not need to purchase a full bitcoin! We will tell you the exact amount to buy. For example if your order is for $200 we'd ask for .00942 bitcoin (give the above bitcoin price).

You can get just that amount or buy more for your next purchase or to invest (personally I think bitcoin will go way up in value!)

All bitcoin transactions are permanently recorded on the blockchain. If you make a payment to us it is easy for either of us to look at the transaction which includes both the amount of the transaction as well as the date/time it was made. After you make a payment you can visit and copy and paste the wallet address you sent your bitcoins to in there and you will see the transaction.

Here are some cool facts about bitcoin:

- It's anonymous. You can set up a bitcoin "wallet" without even as much as an email address. People can then send you bitcoins which you can receive with no one (not even the government/IRS) knowing. It can also be securely used in black market businesses (like mine).

- Bitcoin is decentralized. Whenever you buy something with a credit/debit card or check you are feeding the banking system which rules the world (seriously!). Bitcoin cuts them out of the equation. They no longer get their cut. With bitcoin you become your own banker. Imagine if everyone starts using bitcoin?

- Send any amount anywhere in the world near instantly. Need to send money to someone in another country? No need to mess with western union. Just send them bitcoin (with no fee) and they can either spend them or convert them to the local currency.

There's more to bitcoin and I'll list some resources below. I just want to say that I think that bitcoin has the power to be an even more influential invention than the Internet. What the Internet did for information and communication, bitcoin can do for our financial system. But it takes people to start using it. Buying from us can be your first introduction into this exciting new technology.

For more information on bitcoin see: Good all around info site - A short video explaining bitcoin - The most active bitcoin discussion forum

http:/ - Good place to go for latest news and cool bitcoin related stuff