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Please use care with these powerful substances!
Merlin's Magical Meds
DMT, or dimethyl triptamine is called “The Spirit Molecule” by Dr. Rick Strassman in his book by the same title. It is one of the most powerful halucinogenics available and is one that is actually produced endogenously as well. During birth and death we naturally have huge amounts of the molecule produced naturally within our brains within the pineal gland. Intense spiritual and visual experiences can be had without detrimntal after effects.
Some people liken consciousness to a radio dial and that by ingensting DMT you are able to shift the frequency and reach other realms.
Most people will smoke approximately 0.1g of the substance by either freebasing or loading on top of an herb such as rose petals, damiana or even tobacco. Better to melt it than torch it. It can taste a bit plasticy, but know its a solid mimosa plant extract.
It's recommended to have a trip sitter and a quiet space where you won't be interrupted for your 5-30 minute journey. Relaxing spa music is great and a darkened room. You are recommended to take a huge rip and hold it in as long as possible.
Some people will start the journey right there with the exhale and the trip sitter might need to help you set the pipe down. Other people might take 2-3 hits before reaching the threshold.
It can be quite startling to have the visions happen so quick and intense, even scary. Its recommended to just keep breathing and let the experience pass through. Some people will call upon their higher power and angels before hand so that only the most high can enter therein. Lovely and loving beings can appear, aliens or machine elves, or union with God, so be ready for an intense experience.
May be combines with MAOIs to lengthen and enhance experience but do your reseach as they are CONTRAINDICATED with a number of pHarmaceuticals. DMT by itself. More information can be found here:
You are responsible for your usage so do it wisely.
1/2 Gram ($100.00)
1 Gram ($180.00)
2 Grams ($330.00)
5 Grams ($700.00)

DMT Vape Cart
DMT vapes are finally here!!! I'm thrilled to be offering this high quality natural extract of mimosa tree root bark. A full ml of the finest with this awesome packaging was made by someone with high integrity and vibes. Use with any standard 510 thread battery which you can add on or get at the local smoke shop.
This is on of the most potent psychedelics available!!! You can have full visual hallunations and be connect with the spirit of the plants, advanced species and purportedly find your connection with the Most High.
As you will yourself be most high, please only consume in a place you are safe, can lay down and won't be disturbed. Also recommended is a trip sitter, someone who is there for your ride but not journeying themselves. Or even better you are taking turns. This medicine benefits a lot with creating sacred space, so get your candles, call your angels and hold on for the ride.
Strength: 60% , 2-4 hits should blast off, hold them in as long as possible.
Timing: 15 minutes full ride, another 5 min afterglow.
Enjoy, be safe and please let us know if you encounter the machine elves or others in the forums.
1 Gram Vape Cart ($240.00)

Liquid LSD
LSD is one of the most potent mind-altering chemicals known and its effects are highly variable beginning within one hour and generally last 8-12 hours, gradually tapering off. One drop of this magical liquid of the Needle Point Lineage variety will significantly alter perception, mood, and psychological processes so as with any psychedelic, please be mindful of set, setting and intention.
1 Vial ($350.00)

LSD - Blotter Paper
LSD is short for lysergic acid diethylamide-25, or acid. Discovered by Dr. Albert Hofmann in 1938, LSD is one of the most potent mind-altering chemicals known. Its effects are highly variable and begin within one hour and generally last 8-12 hours, gradually tapering off. Thankfully, there is zero physical addiction potential. It is a psychomemetic, or a molecule that expands on whats on the mind already, so it's recommended for people in solid mental health states, as it can increase whatever state you're starting from. Generally there is no hangover and a mild euphoria for days afterwards. The standard dose is one square, which is 100 micrograms, or 0.000001g. Don't worry, it's already measured for you, and you can cut it into quarters for a micro-dose. Tolerance builds quickly as you might need double if going the next day at a festival. However a few days off and you should be good to go again.

This particular type is a mellow energy, so great going internal, for a leisurely nature exploration, or even going out when you don't want to get too energized but still enjoy the vibes. You may see psychedelic colors and patterns, experience mildly elevated energy levels and be able to think about things in new and profound ways.

Some use it ceremonially like may have been done in the Elusinean mysteries of ancient Greece to discover more about themselves and the universe.

Silicon Valley tech execs and startup-preneurs have been micro-dosing to boost concentration, creativity and innovation in the work place. What might you innovate in your life? Cut a tenth to a quarter dose and see where it leads you.

As with any psychedelic, please be mindful of set, setting and intention.

*NOTE - We ARE NOT responsible for tolerance issues.

**DANGER NOTICE** - Extremely high doses have landed people at psych wards, or be made to feel generally uncomfortable and any dose can trigger latent schizophrenia. If it runs in your family, psychedelics are not recommended in general.
5 Tabs ($50.00)
10 Tabs ($90.00)
20 Tabs ($160.00)
50 tabs ($360.00)

MDMA - Amethyst
The most lit version. Great for dancing, sex, movement and going out. It had the most felt sense of energy of them all.

Experience the pinnacle of euphoria with Amethyst MDMA, meticulously crafted for unparalleled bliss. Each dose delivers a smooth onset and long-lasting effects, igniting feelings of empathy and connection. Perfect for socializing or intimate moments, Enjoy responsibly, savoring the moment and celebrating life's joys with each dose.The experience takes up to 30 minutes for onset, with the standard dose being 80mg to 120mg. The experience is typically 5-6 hours with some people choosing to re-up with small amounts as the come down happens. As the experience completes, may people find 5-HTP neurotransmitter from the health food store or Amazon to help mitigate any hangover which many experience as low energy for 1-3 days afterwards. Counter-indicated for people taking MAOIs. For more info, check this FAQ:

*Please note: Product color differences does not reflect quality difference.
1/2 gram ($90.00)
1 gram ($160.00)
2 grams ($300.00)
5 grams ($660.00)

Orange Gel LSD
Orange gelwith gold fleck. A typical gel texture with a square shape, these were made in the White Fluff lineage. It's usually an uplifting, social and fun ride, not usually too dark and psychological. Reports include lots of happiness and joy and laughter.
5 Tabs ($50.00)
10 Tabs ($90.00)
20 Tabs ($160.00)
50 tabs ($360.00)

Sacred Deer Balm
Utilize the power of plant medicines to make your aches and pains melt away. If you like Bengay or Tiger Balm, this little bottle backs 5x the punch with the healing powers of arnica, calendula, lemon, menthol, camphor eucalyptus and lavendar. Not only does this work for aches and pains, but also works to open and clear the chest and sinus like VapoRub..

Additionally there is the powerhouse PEYOTE which is the desert cactus listed. It was harvested and the handcrafted by indigenous elders with permission. Traditionally, peyote was often used as analgesic, treating things including toothaches, skin disease, pain, rheumatism, asthma, and even cold symptoms. This balm is not for internal use. It has no psychoactive effects. It is a healing balm.
1 Jar ($25.00)