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Merlin's Magical Meds
Chitwan Magic Mushrooms
Chitwan Magic Mushrooms a great cubensis strain which comes from the Chitwan province of Nepal. Chitwan literally means “Heart of the Jungle” and it shows in this fast growing, medium sized cubensis strain. Orginally brought back from Nepal by renowned mushroom forager John Allen this cube has quickly risen to must have status among spore collectors. These have closed caps and a lovely smell and color, seem pretty potent based, and is a more rare strain. There is a little bit of substrate (coconut fiber) on the bottoms but overall pretty clean and nice.
1/8 oz ($50.00)
1/4 oz ($85.00)
1/2 oz ($135.00)
1 oz ($240.00)
2 oz ($440.00)
4 oz ($780.00)

Mycro Mushroom Tablets
May this medicine reach the hands of those looking for the sparks of life that our little teachers help remind us.

12 x 700mg tablets.
Each tablet contains 600mg of organic psilocybin mushroom & 100mg organic ginger.

Mycro believes that micro-dosing psilocybin brings an overall life enhancing effect to those working with this uplifting medicine. Continual studies reveal how psilocybin has a range of benefits which includes; mitigating depression, managing stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation in the body and can even help wean off addictions. Furthermore, the medicine can increase brain neuroplasticity, boost
creativity, and supports overall productivity. We hope you feel invigorated and inspired with this Myco Magic mushroom medicine.

Mycro sources mushrooms from small craft cultivators who believe that fungi can help balance our relationship with ourselves and our planet.
12 700mg Tablets ($150.00)

San Pedro Powder
San Pedro has a rich history of sacred shamanic use. It has been used to treat various ailments such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, fever, paralysis, problems with joints, high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, burning kidneys, and bladder to name a few. San Pedro is also a powerful antimicrobial that inhibits 18 or more penicillin-resistant bacteria.

But, in addition, the San Pedro cactus is a plant that can help to cleanse the body, since this alkaloid also produces in most cases vomiting and diarrhea that allow the body to cleanse of all the toxins it accumulates. Of course, in that case the effects are unpleasant, however, many people have expressed feeling more relieved after going through this cleaning process.

The sacred cactus offers you the possibility of living a unique experience, while you clean your body and expand the perception you have about yourself.

In addition to using it for its psychotropic properties, San Pedro can be used in the following cases:
• For the headache. The clean stem is used and cut into slices and placed on the forehead for a while.
• For kidney pain. A slice of the stem is used as a poultice in the area of pain.
• For back pain or low back pain. Slices of the stem should be heated and with this perform a poultice that will be placed well attached to the waist. It is necessary to change about three times a day.
• To heal wounds. A stem slice is used on the wound

Dietary Suggestions

For a good connection with San Pedro, some preparation can have a very beneficial effect. It is recommend to eat as clean a diet as possible. Fresh, healthy food and plenty of water is important, as well as the avoidance of pork, excessive sweets, desserts and fat, alcohol, caffeine and recreational drugs (including marijuana). It is also beneficial to not release sexually as to keep your vital energy available for use in the healing process.

Powder: Mix 1-2 teaspoonsfuls with your favorite drinks. Add lemon and honey for better taste.

A recommended beginning dose for San Pedro is between 2 and 5 grams, Although 10 to 20 grams yields more psychoactive results. Begin low to find an appropriate doage for personal use.
1 ounce ($215.00)