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Hello I'm Medicineman and my mission is to bring quality marijuana medicine to everyone who needs it! I know from personal experiencing that buying marijuana is not always the easiest thing to do so I am here to make it easy! My sidekick Medicineboy and I have been shipping out marijuana products since 2012 and our website has been running since 2013. You can find many positive reviews for our service online.
Thank you for all of the nice letters. I am very happy to be able to offer this amazing plant medicine to you all. Feel free to write to me with any questions or comments.

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Medicineman donates over 10% of all income from this site to charities and groups such as NORML, MAPS, ACLU and others!

There are many copycat sites out there, but only ONE Medicineman's Online Dispensary! Here are some web sites that we found that have blatantly ripped off entire parts of the text of our site. If they are dishonest enough to steal our text they might rip you off too:
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There are plenty of scammers out there. We get letters all the time from people who have lost their money at the hands of these thieves. We've been in business for over six years now. You can see our original site from September 2013 here and we operated via PDF catalog before that. We've managed to stay in business this long because we care about our customers and have built a loyal customer base. They know that MEDICINEMAN ALWAYS HAS QUALITY PRODUCT AND ALWAYS DELIVERS! So don't be fooled by imitators. Give us a shot and let us prove that we're the best!


Please be careful with these powerful substances!

Med Mama

ENERGY ~ Mushroom Minidose Capsules

This has 20 capsules of 10mg psilocybin (plus added herbs) each. Want to take your creativity and productivity levels to soaring new heights? Mushroom energy is an incredibly potent yet balanced supplement that support focus, creativity, memory, positive emotions and a creative flow state. Mushroom energy unlocks whole-brain connectivity and creativity while boosting physical energy, mental focus, and overall concentration. 1 capsule = increase in focus and energy with mood enhancements 2-3 capsules = Increase in physical energy and mental speed, and mild euphoria 4+ capsules = amphetamine like energy and mental speed & high euphoria Mushroom energy is a synergystic blend of 13 ingredient, alchemically extracted psilocin, lion's mane, reishi, cordyceps, coffee, tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, love and more in veggie capsules <3

20 200mg Capsules ($160)

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